7 Ways to Be Successful After Graduation

Posted on October 27, 2017

Congratulations to my graduating Seniors! Many of you are preparing for graduation either this Fall, or next Spring! I wanted to share with you some helpful tips, on how to be successful after graduation. I sat with some of my Intern Queen Campus Ambassador alumni. These are students who went through my Intern Queen program when they were in school and have now gone on to work for some of the biggest/best companies in the world. I asked them how they became successful after college. I wanted to know what rules they followed for success. Here were a few common answers:

  1.  Be prepared for every interview. I spoke with one of my former reps about how she prepared for every single interview. Yes, this means doing your homework. Know the company inside and out, talk to people that work there, read about them in the news, and memorize their company website (or at least know it very well).
  2. Show enthusiasm. If I’m interviewing and don’t know that you WANT to work for me, I’m not going to give you a second round interview. It needs to be very clear to me (the interviewer) that you are passionate about this opportunity.
  3. Don’t give up. The girls in our alumni network didn’t give up when they got rejected – and trust me, they got rejected by several companies. They stayed focused, didn’t let the rejection get them down, and powered through.
  4. Don’t be afraid to reach out. One of my former ambassadors pointed out how setting informational interviews really helped her grow her professional network. They helped her get a foot in the door.
  5. Do more work – not less. Another girl told me that she always looked for opportunities to do more work – not less work. She saw each project as an opportunity to grow.
  6. Know your role. The girls and I discussed the importance of being humble and understanding that this is an entry-level job and you aren’t the CEO. It’s important to not be seen as entitled.
  7. Determination. Focus, follow through, and at the end of the day – get it done.