7 Things That Will Help You Get a Raise

Posted on November 28, 2017

Are you still in your first or second job and thinking it is time for a raise? These are a few things that your boss will look for in the process.

  1. Loyalty goes a long way. Once you’ve hit your one-year mark at the company, your employer will feel more comfortable investing more money in you and your work.
  2. Think outside your paycheck. Show that you can add value in different areas of the business. Join brainstorming sessions that aren’t directly related to your position, make suggestions when appropriate, and try to see the bigger picture of the business. An employer likes to see that his/her employee isn’t too “stuck” in their own world and has the ability to think outside of their paycheck.
  3. Help and encourage co-workers. It’s important for any company to have a healthy team environment. Show your company that you aren’t above jumping on a call with someone and helping them with an issue they’re having. Be a helpful team member. Show that you care about the people you work with, as it does affect the health of the business.
  4. Be timely, punctual, and somewhat predictable. Your boss should always know where to find you and have clear communication with you. The second you start arriving late or not responding to message and your boss needs to go “looking” for you – that’s a bad sign. Your boss should have an idea of where you are at all times.
  5. Understand the goals of your position. If you haven’t directly asked your boss what results you need to be successful in your position, what are you waiting for? You can’t pretend to understand expectations that haven’t been discussed. Don’t put yourself in a bad situation. Understand the expectations and goals going into a position. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. If you meet your goals, your boss will be much more likely to give you a raise.
  6. Be clear about what you want. If you don’t know how you see yourself growing within a company, how is your boss supposed to know? Be as specific as possible about your wants and needs at the company when sitting in an evaluation session.
  7. Are you adding value? If you want to take your job to another level, start bringing outside business, relationships, or contacts into your current position. Introduce your boss to interesting people that you know, leverage your personal connections, and bring in outside business – business that wouldn’t exist if you didn’t work at the company. Bring in something not many others can.

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