5 Tips for Mentor Meetings

Posted on October 17, 2017

Did you get lucky? Your dream executive agreed to sit down with you for a few minutes to give you advice. WOW! That is lucky! Great work. Now, getting the meeting is only part of it. Next, you need to impress them at that meeting! Here are 5 tips to make sure you continue to impress this person and build a great relationship with them for the future.

1. Don’t Reschedule. So many people reach out to me for “advice” meetings and then they cancel on me. It’s very confusing as I thought I was doing them a favor by helping them. Really try to make sure you are scheduling something at a date/time that works for you so you don’t have to cancel on anyone.

2. Be Early. If you leave “on-time” you will probably be late so really aim to get there 10 minutes early. This person shouldn’t have to wait 1 second for you. You should be there early, grateful, and ready to go.

3. Have 3-5 Questions Ready. Really think about what you want to get out of this meeting. Think of 3-5 questions or topics of discussion that you’d like to have with this person. Make sure you get to them before the meeting is over. Prioritize your questions so that you get to the first 3.

4. Take Notes if you need to. Even though, some of these meetings are casual. Don’t be afraid to scribble down a note or two. If anything, it will show the person you are meeting with that you take them very seriously.

5. Watch the Overshare. Although, yes, this person is taking a serious interest in your work, you still want to be aware of the over—share. If this person was to have a meeting with your biggest competitor tomorrow, would that be okay? Don’t share any super sensitive or personal information. On the same note, don’t pull back too much as you want to be genuine and really make the most of the opportunity. It’s a tight-rope to walk.

6. Follow Up After the Meeting. Send a hand-written thank you note after the meeting and follow up via email. Good luck!