5 Tips for Giving a Fantastic Power Point Presentation

Posted on March 28, 2018

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Here are some tips that you can hopefully use for your next presentation:

  • If You Don’t Have An Answer, Find It. If someone asks you a question during the presentation and you don’t know the answer, make a note, and tell the person that you will follow up with them with the answer – and actually do it. If they are asking questions – this means they are engaged.
  • Dress to Impress. You should always be dressed to impress when you present. Make sure you are at least business casual – meaning no jeans. Also, make sure you are dressed appropriately as everyone in the room is staring at you – don’t give them anything extra to stare at.
  • Get rid of filler words. When we are nervous, we use filler words to fill pauses. The most common filler words are “Like, You know, Umm…” These words show insecurity and nerves. Concentrate on not using these words when presenting.
  • Limited Text on Slides: When possible, include less than 5 words on each PowerPoint slide. PowerPoint should never be a script. It should prompt the presenter to speak on a certain topic but it should be easy to read for the audience.
  • The Fewer Slides the Better. If you give your audience a sheet to follow with over 20 slides they are going to be overwhelmed and prepared for boredom. Try to keep presentations to under 20 slides. Get your point across in as few words and slides as possible. I went to a conference where we were given a handout with a copy of the PowerPoint. It had over 50 slides. I wanted to fall asleep just looking at the packet.
  • Speak Loud and Proud. You have to speak up and you have to be confident when presenting. The audience will be transformed by a confident speaker and they will get distracted by a soft-spoken low-energy speaker. Be confident in the way you present yourself.
  • State the Agenda At the Beginning. Before you dive into your presentation, state the agenda and manage your audience’s expectations. Let them know you will ask for questions at the end of the presentation or throughout (depending on your plan).
  • Follow Up And Thank Your Audience. After the presentation, send a note to any key executives in the audience – thank them for their time.