5 Things I Want to Improve This Year

Posted on January 24, 2017

Just because I’m a career and internship expert by trade, doesn’t mean I’m good at everything – not even close. I already made a New Year’s Resolutions video (you can watch this year’s HERE and last year’s HERE) but I didn’t write a blog on the things that I want to improve for this year. The only content so far was about the ways I wanted to better my schedule for the year, check that one out HERE. In terms of things I want to improve this year and addressing my weaknesses as a business owner, here we go:

  • Work on the Business Both Internally and Externally. I’ve had a hard time working both for the business (as an employee) and on the business (as a CEO). And it’s really my job to do both. I need to act as a sales rep, a manager, but also as a CEO. I need to find a better way and a better balance of my actual job and responsibilities.
  • Writing Down Processes and Systems. It’s wonderful that my team is working together in a more cohesive way than ever before BUT if they don’t write down how they do what they do – we’ll never be able to scale and quickly bring on new hires. AND should they ever leave, I’ll be screwed!
  • Accountability for Hitting Goals. I need to hold myself and my team members accountable for hitting monthly goals. I need to clearly state (and write somewhere) what our monthly goals are and the steps we are going to take to achieve them. These numbers and processes must be written out so that we can look at them and rank ourselves at the end of the month.
  • Aggressively Hiring People. Our sales team (as an example) needs a new hire. I haven’t hired this mystery person yet and I need to. It sounds fun to hire new people – but it’s actually a lot of work. I’m typically sifting through resumes, doing interviews, and often have trouble finding the right people. I need to push myself to aggressively hire people because if I don’t – we won’t be able to grow and scale as quickly as I’d like to.
  • Better Prioritize. I always thought I was a great prioritize-er and recently my husband (HA! Still getting used to that word) pointed out that I’m not. He said that I’m guilty of saying that everything is a priority (TRUE) and he asked how my team is supposed to understand what they should start with if I can’t help them. He called me out and said that saying everything is a priority isn’t prioritizing – you have to start with one. And you know what? He’s right. Everything can be important but you can only work on one thing at a time. I have to personally prioritize in a more productive way and also help my team better prioritize – one task at a time.