5 Incredible Co-working Space Ideas

Posted on September 15, 2015

This is a guest blog post written by Sadie Douse.

Last year, I was highly inspired by Google’s ideas for a co-working space. Unlike Facebook’s open-style office environment – where all I can think about is the noise and chatter—or Apple’s closed environment, where I fear I would feel too lonely, Google struck a balance between the two by creating a workspace that can be both “personal” and “open”. Google’s philosophy is to “create the happiest most productive place possible” and Googlers claim, that they are pretty good at that.

After plenty of research on the topic, I decided that this clearly isn’t the only organization focused on “pushing the boundaries of a traditional workplace” and creating something that is incredible. Here are top 5 co-working spaces we rounded up which are both incredible and productive places to work at.

1. Link Co-working space- Austin, TX

Link Co working space

This co-working space is full of desks, private offices, and open environments. You can also find small meeting room spaces in the building which is the “ideal meeting venue” if you have an important conference with a client. Speaking of which, you can also rent conference room rentals which are perfect for those “round-table” like meetings and discussions. The dedicated desk spaces they have are much like the table and chair environment you would find in schools. If you are looking for something more private you may opt for the “private space” they offer. Link put in a lot of thought to the design of the workplace with excellent lighting, best chairs, and views of inspirational green space. See for yourself!

2. Code and Canvas- San Francisco, Ca

Code and canvas

Located in Brooklyn, this is one of the most unique and creatively designed work-spaces you can find. Code and Canvas was designed with artists, designers, scientists, and other creative entrepreneurs in mind. You can find individual desks, private creative zones, a hip conference room, and common couch areas. This is a perfect place for someone looking for a perfect open and creative atmosphere.

3. Hera Hub- San Diego, Ca

Hera Hub

Hera Hub was inspired by the Spa. This unique co-working space is full of flowers, soft-lighting, candles, and even chairs massages. Clearly, this is a co-working space targeting towards women who want a break from working at home alone all the time. As Hera Hub puts it, this is an “office-spa-oasis” designed to meet the needs of female entrepreneurs. Members have an opportunity to connect to other business experts and access to educational workshops.

4. The Office- Santa Monica, Ca

The Office

For professionals who need a peaceful working environment, the Office is the place to go. This is a highly inspiring workspace with a beautifully-designed office. The aim was to create a calm and peaceful environment which is why you will see trees (yes, trees!), plants, light colors, and soft lighting in this fabulous workspace. The office includes aeron chairs, a library, and even noise cancelling headphones you can use to block out all possible distractions.

5. Paragraph- New York, NY


For a writer, the perfect workspace should include tons of books, bookshelves, or perhaps even a library. This is exactly the design that inspired the makers of Paragraph to create a co-working space especially for writers. Tucked away on a busy 14th street, this is large loft space that has a separate writing room and a kitchen lounge. Paragraph resembles a library as well as an office. Writers need an immense amount of focus and concentration. For this reason, you can find 38 partitioned desks that are perfect if you are looking for an isolated work environment. A spiral staircase leads up to a library and a balcony with a comfortable chair. If you are looking for some more interaction you can lounge over the common room sofas or hang around the sound-proof kitchen area with great roofs and big ceiling you can have a peek at this web-site. This is a quiet and comfortable space perfect for writers.

About the author:

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