4 Ways You Can Be Better At Your Job!

Posted on October 2, 2017

Need a little boost at work? Feeling a little bored with everything? Here are a few ways to perk up your performance at work!

  • Work a Little Louder. Make sure to keep all documents and databases up to date at all times. We all put off logging our time, projects, goals, etc. Make a point to log your work at the end of each day and show it to your team and your boss. Make sure they know you are making it a priority to show them the work you are doing and what you are up to. Sometimes you need to be a little loud about your work so people don’t question how you spend your time.
  • Get Organized, Show It Off, Share It. One common struggle everyone experiences (regardless of your job) is organization. My team and I are always changing up the ways we organize our information, our client projects, our deliverables, our to-dos, and our goals. To impress your team (and your boss), experiment with a new way of getting organized, show it to your team at the next appropriate time, and make it shareable via Google Docs or OneDrive. When our team is organized, our business is organized.
  • Let Stress Trigger Extra Enthusiasm. We all deal with stress differently. Practice the policy of “stress equals extra enthusiasm”. Let stress pump you up and motivate you. Don’t let it get you down. Times of stress can be the best time for teamwork and positivity. Go out of your way to show your team and boss that you are ready for the challenge.
  • Take Ownership of Your Work. Be aggressive. Show your team (tell them if you need to) that you are making certain projects your responsibility. Show your boss that you can be trusted to run the show with certain clients/projects.

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