4 Tips to Make Your Weekend Productive

Posted on March 16, 2018

We all look forward to Friday’s. Who doesn’t love the weekend?! The work is filled with endless tasks and deadlines. I’m ready to catch up on rest by the time Friday comes. Then Sunday approaches, I often ask myself, “Where did time go?”

Weekends were made for fun. But sometimes, they are the perfect solution to catch up and get ahead. These are my tips to squeeze in productiveness and some weekend fun.

  1. Don’t sleep in! You don’t have to wake up at 6 a.m., but don’t let the day pass you by. Waking up before 10 a.m. is enough time to get rest and utilize the day. Mornings are usually filled with less distractions. You can get some work done in the morning then relax and do something after.
  2. Make a plan. We’re all busy during the week. When the weekend approaches, having more work to complete doesn’t sound ideal. But sometimes work just needs to be done! To avoid feeling like you wasted your weekend, write down realistic goals for the weekend. For example, 45 minutes set aside to write and 25 minutes to organize notes and paperwork from the week. Easy!
  3. Stay active. It’s important to have an active body because that means you’ll have an active mind. Hop out of bed and go for a jog.
  4. Plan your week. We all wake up Sunday morning and feel like the weekend went by in a flash. Planning your week is an easy way to enter the week with intentions. Write down goals and deadlines for the week. It’ll set you up for a productive week that requires little work to be done for the weekend.