3 Small Ways I Keep My Business On Track

Posted on August 4, 2015

I’m always trying out new business techniques on how to efficiently and effectively get things done. I’m always monitoring my own habits, as you never know what is going to stick and what you might need to modify to ensure the success of the business. These are three things I’ve been doing consistently this year that have positively affected my business.


  • Starting my day at 6AM(ish). I have two full-time employees and they are both in New York City. For a while, I had them start a little bit later in their day. Now, I have them start at 9AM EST. I start around 6AM PST. Doing this helps me get a head start on my day, work closer with both of them, and it frees up my afternoons for writing, reading, and creative thinking.
  • Subscribing to trade publications. My mentor told me that I need to read up on my industry and always be “in the know.” Since then, I’ve subscribed to several advertising and marketing trade publications. Getting these publications on a regular basis makes me a better business woman and more aware of the marketing trends happening around me.
  • Invoicing everything. Of course, I’ve always created invoices for my bigger clients but I used to let some of our small deals be handled via email. This year, our CFO created a new policy – everything gets an invoice. Now that every little transaction is in QuickBooks (online), things are much easier to track.


What strategies do you have for keeping a business on track?