9 Ways I Shut my Brain Off

Posted on November 6, 2017

In a world that’s always so busy, how do you relax? I love reading about the ways that other people relax and trying to work them into my own lifestyle. Here are 9 things that I do to relax and get my head out of working mode. I know it’s late, but every night at around 10PM and at certain points over the weekend I have to get out of my own head. It can’t always be about the next milestone or sales goal. Here are 9 ways that I shut my brain off and have a little relax time.

  1. Play on Snapchat. I know it’s silly but who doesn’t love a good filter? My high school friends and I send funny filter selfies back and fourth – we also love the voice changer!
  2. Watch reality shows like The Bachelor or Housewives of Beverly Hills. I know these shows are called “garbage” but it’s nice to just turn your brain off sometimes.
  3. Shop Online Without Actually Purchasing. At night, I scroll the new arrivals on Forever21.com, Nordstrom.com, and a few other websites. I actually put a ton of stuff in my cart but rarely press purchase. Something about doing that relaxes me and puts me to sleep. If I scroll on Instagram, I usually get frustrated or envious of something someone else has   – a feeling I’m not fond of – especially before bed.
  4. Go on Walks. The more walks, the better. I’ve found that going on walks both before and after the workday help me relax, take a deep breath, and focus on what I need to accomplish that day.
  5. Head to the Water. Today, I demanded a trip to the water. I drove the 30 minutes to the beach and took a 2 hour walk with my friend and her new baby. I enjoyed the catch up time but there was something about being near the water that was incredibly relaxing.
  6. Long Shower. On Sundays, I love a good long shower. Let yourself relax and just take your time for once. I’m always running in and out of the shower – late for a meeting- or trying to get to work ontime. Light some candles and let yourself take a long shower or bath at the end of a long day.
  7. Gym, Gym, Gym. If I can get myself to the gym – even for a quick 25 minute session – I always feel better and more energized. I like to zone out – turn my music up – and work it out, since I like music everywhere, I also listen music after the gym while I take a bath with the best shower radio I found online. I try to avoid texting or doing emails on the treadmill as it slows me down and doesn’t allow me to phase out and relax.
  8. Coloring Books. In our white elephant Christmas exchange, I got a Todoiki coloring book. I love it – watching bad TV and coloring is THE BEST! HA! I’m not even good at coloring in the lines but love the idea of again – turning my brain off.
  9. I recently started cooking – one new recipe a week. Each Sunday, I go to the store to buy my ingredients and usually cook while rocking out to the Hamilton soundtrack on Sunday nights. The art of cooking totally relaxes me – my friends were shocked when the food actually came out yummy!

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