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Packing List for Your First Business Trip

Our campus programs manager is leaving for her first business trip on Monday and she is so excited!

Since this is her first job after college, she’s never really traveled for work before – especially not for 8 days! I helped her put together a packing list.

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16 Things To Do Before Your First Day of Your First Job!

Buy business casual work clothes (or business clothes – based on the dress code).

First, see what you have in your closet. I promise, you have more than you think you do.

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Surviving Your First Performance Evaluation

Graduating leads to many firsts-- first interviews, first jobs, first days and first performance evaluations.

It is typical for employers to review their employees at least once a year, if not every six months or quarter.

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How Should You Decide Where To Go To Grad School?

As you know, grad school has been a hot topic for the community.

I went back to three of our former Intern Queen ambassadors who are all currently in grad school and asked them the following questions:

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5 Tips on Starting Your Own Business

This is a guest post by Intern Queen Alumni Ambassador Jeanette Bravo.

Jeanette is a 2012 graduate of Arizona State University and the Founder of Sew Sorority.

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Sometimes You Just Want to Work From Bed….

Let's be honest.

A perk of being an entrepreneur and working from home is that some days you just get to sit on your bed with your laptop and drink a cup of coffee.

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I Tell Myself, “You Can’t Please Everyone”…

Since before I started my business in 2009 I’ve been a big believer in reaching out to people to ask for help, guidance, or advice.

Up until recently, I never had a mentor or anyone who really “paved the way” for me as a young entrepreneur.

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Lesson: Your Signature Shouldn’t Always Include Your Last Name

I'm always learning lessons the hard way.

Usually, I mess up - and that's how I learn. Ugh. Hopefully, this will help when writing internal thank you notes at work.

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Fashion at Work: Poppin Office Supplies

The girls in our network are constantly raving about the brand Poppin and their amazing office supplies.

Check out some of these sleek and colorful notebooks, tape dispensers, calendars, and fun things for your desk!

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6 Ways to be Better at Work Today!

Everyone is cranky in the office. It’s almost summer and the team is more focused on vacation-planning than work. Just remember, this is a great time to stand out at work and make a few personal adjustments that can really help you improve.

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