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10 LIES About Entrepreneurship

Before I became an entrepreneur I assumed several things.

And those assumptions couldn't have been further from reality. While these assumptions sound pretty negative, my first boss told me that you should NEVER assume anything.

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8 Ways to Fight Distraction at Work!

Let's face it! We all get distracted at work from time to time and it can be hard to be productive and get things done.

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Important Advice Every New Grad Needs to Hear!

Happy Friday Everyone! Graduation season is upon us and I know a lot of you are getting ready to walk across that stage in the coming weeks.

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Tips on How to Relax and STOP Working…

Every Monday morning, we have a an Intern Queen Team call to check in and catch up.

We start by talking about what everyone did over the weekend, specifically what everyone did to relax.

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Career Opportunity: 3D Game Design Instructors and Music Production Instructors

Choice Group Inc. is currently seeking a charismatic instructor to teach our 3D game art program 2 days a week. The game art program is centered around a Maya and UE4 pipeline.

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