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Lauren Berger’s Home Office Style

It's no secret that I work from home. My team is virtual and we work from home in both LA and New York.

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Career Opportunity: Social Media Manager

Motivated Marketing a marketing and advertising agency in Charleston, SC is looking for a social media manager!

Check out the full description below and submit your cover letter and resume ASAP!

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Our Favorite Jewelry To Wear to Work

We’ve shared our favorite bags for work before and this time we reached out to our Campus Ambassador Network again to ask about some of their favorite jewelry pieces for work!

Here is what they said:

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10 Factors That Determine If You Get the Raise

Asking for a raise would be easier if you knew what was going on in your boss’s mind.

When you ask for a raise or when it’s time for your boss to determine if you get a raise, these are the 10 questions they will ask themselves when considering if you deserve it.

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5 Incredible Co-working Space Ideas

This is a guest blog post written by Sadie Douse.

Last year, I was highly inspired by Google’s ideas for a co-working space. Unlike Facebook’s open-style office environment – where all I can think about is the noise and chatter—or Apple’s closed environment, where I fear I would feel too lonely, Google struck a balance between the two by creating a workspace that can be both “personal” and “open”.

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Fashion at Work: Plaid & Pearls

I love mixing different styles to create a unique look.

I love the juxtaposition of this look — the rugged and casual plaid button down paired with classic and feminine pearls.

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