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Fashion at Work: The Baggy Black Pant

I love dressing up for work but I also love being comfortable.

For this look I chose to feel relaxed by wearing these baggy black pants, and dressed it up with this top and black heeled shoes.

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Career Opportunity: SSPR

SSPR, a public relations agency in Colorado Springs, CO, is hiring an Account Executive.

More information listed below:

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Confession: I Took My Email OFF My Phone

About six months ago, I decided that working constantly wasn’t healthy, wasn’t necessary, wasn’t giving me any sort of credibility, and really wasn’t helping me get ahead.

At that time, I was doing what everyone else is doing – working all of the time, working until late at night, emailing during dinner, emailing on the treadmill, looking at pointless stomach-turning emails before bed, letting my wheels spin until the second my head hits the pillow, sleeping with my phone under my pillow, waking up to Skype alerts, rolling out of bed just to get on the next conference call, using my weekends for work emails, and just constantly scrolling through the emails on my phone.

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Career Opportunity: Media Works

Media Works, an energetic integrated marketing agency located Baltimore, MD., is hiring a Digital Campaign Manager and Media Assistant.

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Our Valentines Day Must-Haves

With Valentines day around the corner, everything pink and red is on our mind.

Check out my favorite valentines day must-haves on today's blog!

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Fashion at Work: Jacket, Dress, and Bling!

Every morning, I stand by my Keurig Mini-Plus Brewer and feel like I’m going to fall over!

I wanted to share one of my favorite work looks with everyone.

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How To Handle Romantic Relationships in the Office

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought it was a good time to discuss romantic relationships in the office.

Although these are usually frowned upon – they do happen.

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Fashion at Work: The Half-Leather Pants

I’ve gotten more compliments on these half-leather leggings than any other pants I own!

They are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for work!

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