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3 Career Blogs to Keep You in the Game

As an entrepreneur who is focused mainly in the internship and career field, I am always on the lookout for the latest career blogs and websites to keep me up to date.

These sites give me inspiration that I can use for my own business, help me stay on track in the industry, and prove to be a great resource.

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“Move up the Corporate Ladder”

When I decided to write Welcome to the Real World, I wanted to create a resource that young college graduates could utilize upon entering the workforce — what many of us refer to as "the real world."

When I landed my first job out of college, I didn't feel that I was prepared for the complete 180 that my life would go through, and remember thinking more often than not, nobody told me the real world was going to be like this.

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Get the Look: Printed Tops & Textured Pants

One of my favorite fall trends is textured pants — liquid leggings, coated denim, embossed skinny jeans.

They are all so fashionable yet amazingly versatile as well.

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