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Motivation for the Entrepreneur

I used to care what people thought about me, until one day I tried to pay my bills with their opinions.

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Fashion for the Weekend: Edgy & Feminine

One thing that I love about fashion is that I can juxtapose different looks to create something that is completely unique to my personal style.

Something that I love doing is mixing an edgy piece in with a feminine outfit, to give the look more of a wow factor.

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GlamourGals,, is a dynamic and growing nonprofit.

We are looking for other passionate, hardworking, and entrepreneurial individuals to join our organization as a Curriculum and Chapter Coordinator. Our office space will be located in Brooklyn/Manhattan.

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Integrated PR, a Beverly Hills-based entertainment firm, is looking for immediate interns!

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Fashion at Work: The Floral Tunic

While I enjoy the days when I can be casual in jeans and a cute top, I love when I am able to dress up every now and then!

Whether I'm meeting with a client, enjoying a night out, or going to a business lunch, this outfit is perfect and put together. I love each piece individually, and they all work together to create one cohesive look.

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I would like to announce an exciting new career opportunity at Intern Queen!

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Fall Essentials from Nordstrom

I recently did a big shopping trip at Nordstrom — their Anniversary Sale is my favorite sale of the year!

While it's hard (and a little sad) to believe that fall is right around the corner, I was able to stock up on some great new pieces for fall.

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Fashion at Work: Casual in Keds

For days when I'm working from home — whether I'm writing content, book editing, or working online with my employees — I like to be casual and comfortable, while not sitting in sweats all day.

This outfit is great for getting work done at home, and has me ready to go out if I want to grab lunch or a coffee. I will be speaking at the Keds Brave Life Summit in New York City on Thursday, and thought that this was a perfect outfit to start the week with!

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Our Favorite Pinterest-Inspired Looks For Work

We all love Pinterest — it's the perfect unlimited recipe book, a constant source of fitness inspiration, and (in my opinion) the largest fashion wish list on the planet.

As a recent college graduate in your first or second job, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate your college wardrobe from your new wear to work wardrobe (especially with so many variations in office environments).

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How I Pack for Business Trips

One of my favorite things to write about in the entrepreneurship section of this blog is travel, as that’s become a huge part of my life.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted a few travel blogs.

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