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Fashion at Work: The Headphones You Need

Looking for the perfect new headphones for your morning commute on the noisy subway?

Want something that is trendy and fashionable yet gives you the sound quality you're looking for?

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What I Look For In A Business Hotel

I went to New York this week (for the third time in just a few weeks) and stayed at the Dream Downtown .

The Dream Downtown would definitely be classified as a cool trendy hotel in the meatpacking district.

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And Then I Decided to Expand the Brand….

Dear Readers - Welcome to my new home,

As many of you know, for the past four years, I’ve been building the web platform for As that brand continues to grow and flourish, I’m excited to simultaneously announce my new adventure with this brand new website. I started in 2009 and I’ve watched many of the students who started with me land their dream jobs.

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Welcome To My New Site!

Welcome to

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Fashion At Work: The Floppy Hat

Working it outside in LA.

My daily look is a little more casual than the typical office-goer. I admit, I do like to take advantage of the fact that I'm an entrepreneur and can get away with super distressed denim all day long. Check out my outfit in Los Angeles - just working away!

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Rise Up & Attack The Day With Enthusiasm

Rise Up & Attack The Day With Enthusiasm

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The Power of Notebooks and Thank You Notes

I always say that notebooks change lives.

If I'm ever feeling down or overwhelmed with work, I get a brand new shiny notebook.I encourage you to try this out....

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Don’t Get Stuck at A Job You Hate

We've all been through a job we absolutely hate.

It's an awful feeling. Get in the habit of making sure your supervisor understands your goals.

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Fashion At Work: The Must Have Michael

I've spotted so many of these around town. I MUST get one for work!

I'm officially putting it on the I WANT IT NOW list :)

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Always Working: Trains, Planes, Automobiles

This week I decided to switch it up and take a train from Boston to New York.

Did I want to sleep on the train? YES. However, it’s important that I use any ‘quiet time’ to be as productive as possible.

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