16 Things To Do Before Your First Day of Your First Job!

Posted on December 28, 2017

  1. Buy business casual work clothes (or business clothes – based on the dress code). First, see what you have in your closet. I promise, you have more than you think you do. Mixing and matching is key – you aren’t going to get a new outfit every single day of the week. Make a list of what you need to fill in your work wardrobe. And remember, you are a working woman now (or man) – you are on a budget! Be a savvy shopper.
  2. Determine what you’ll use for your workbag. I know many of you are scrambling to purchase that gorgeous new pocketbook for work. My suggestion would be a solid colored bag that looks structured but pretty large in size. You’ll have plenty to throw in there!
  3. Take a trip to Staples or Target. There are a few things you might consider purchasing. Check out the mini-planners (although many of our girls LOVE the Lilly Pulitzer or Erin Condron planners), check out the mini-calendars (at-a-glance) as you might want one on your new desk. At the office supply store, grab some neon sticky notes so you can leave reminders for yourself all over your computer.
  4. Clean out your wallet or card holder. Get yourself organized – you are a grown up now! Organize your cards, get rid of what you don’t need, and make sure you always have a little bit of cash on hand for emergencies or situations where you have to tip the valet or eat at a cash-only place.
  5. Go Grocery Shopping. Even if you are living at home, it’s time to be independent. Buy some groceries so that you can pack yourself a lunch in the morning. Also, make sure you find snacks. My favorites are always pretzel goldfish and Kind bars. You never know when lunch will run late or when you’ll get hungry before or after lunch. This will save you so much money! Lunches get super expensive when you eat out all of the time. Also, grab hand sanitizer at the grocery store (a mini-one for your purse) and pick up a few packs of gum for your bag.
  6. Hunt Around Your House. I’m sure at either your place or your parent’s place you can find a mini-lotion to throw in your purse for when your hands get dry. Also, look for pens to throw in your workbag and a stack to leave at your desk. Find your favorite coffee mug and bring it to the office. Leave it at work for your daily Keurig visits. Save money at Starbucks by drinking the coffee at work. Treat yourself to coffee only once or twice a week or leave it for the weekends.
  7. Create a Budget and Money-Saving Plan. You are going to be making money – awesome! Make sure you create a budget for yourself and have a plan. Don’t spend everything you make. Sit down with your parents or close friends and create something that you can stick to.
  8. Practice Your Commute. The weekend before you start your job, take a practice run. Either drive, walk, or take public transportation to your new office. This will help you avoid getting lost on your first day and potentially running late. Find your route.
  9. Print Photos. You might consider printing little photos to leave on your desk. I’ve seen people decorate their desks with mini-polaroids or print-outs from Instagram and it looks so cute!
  10. Decide which flats or sneakers you will wear to walk to work. For those of you walking to work or living in a big city, you might want to wear flats or sneakers to work and change into your oxfords or heels once you arrive. Just make sure they will fit in your bag when you change!
  11. Make sure you have a water bottle to bring with you each day. Have at least 1 glass of water for every coffee that you drink!
  12. Get a second cellphone charger. Leave a cell phone charger at work or make sure it’s a permanent staple in your workbag.
  13. Cover Your Technology. If you are going to be bringing your own technology (IPAD, Surface, laptop) to the office. Make sure you have a case for it. It might get banged around on your commute to work.
  14. Read the Manual. If you were given any pre-first day reading – make sure you do it. If you were given an employee handbook, orientation guide, or anything – start out on the right foot and read up!
  15. Bring Copies of Your Personal Identification if Requested. Many employers require copies of your ID, Drivers license, or social for your first day. Make sure you ask clearly what you need to bring with you on the first day.
  16. Figure out Parking. If you are driving to your job, make sure you clarify where you need to park.


Good luck. You are going to be fantastic and I’m honored to be part of your experience!