10 LIES About Entrepreneurship

Posted on February 20, 2018

Before I became an entrepreneur I assumed several things;  and those assumptions couldn’t have been further from reality. While this post sounds pretty negative, these were the (wrong) assumptions that I had about entrepreneurship before starting my business. A lesson that my first boss told me that I’ll carry with me forever, is that you NEVER assume anything.

  1. It would be easy
  2. I would have to focus on my passion – not my paycheck
  3. The more money – the easier it gets
  4. Managing a team is easy
  5. Building and maintaining a website is easy
  6. I would get rejected less and less as I got more successful
  7. I would only have to hustle for the first year
  8. I would easily make a lot of “entrepreneur” friends
  9. People could easily relate to the issues I was having
  10. People would stop doubting….(they never stop – no matter how secure your job might be)

Something important to remember, however, is that there are SO MANY rewarding things about being an entrepreneur — these are just a few things to keep in mind!