10 Factors That Determine If You Get the Raise

Posted on February 15, 2018

Asking for a raise would be easier if you knew what was going on in your boss’s mind. When you ask for a raise or when it’s time for your boss to determine if you get a raise, these are the 10 questions they will ask themselves when considering if you deserve it.

  1. Do they produce results?
  2. Are they replaceable?
  3. How long would it take me to train someone else to do their job? Could the average person do just as good of a job?
  4. Have they been here for at least one year?
  5. Are they an asset to the team? Do they think “outside” of their paycheck? Do they contribute to group brainstorm sessions?
  6. Do they go above and beyond? Do they complain about working late hours or answering emails on the weekends?
  7. Do I feel like they are capable of handling everything I throw at them?
  8. Are they easily stressed out?
  9. Are they self-starters or do they need to be micro-managed at work?
  10. Have they shown potential to move up in the company?


Note: Keep in mind, no one cares if you are on time every day and have an outgoing personality. That is EXPECTED of you. You don’t get a raise for doing your job; you get a raise for exceeding expectations.


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